Reversing: Spiderman 2000 - Introduction

The start

During this series I’ll be sharing my experience about reversing the game Spiderman 2000, as well how I was able to overcome some of the problems and riddles the game presented to me. Everything you’ll see here is related to my spidey-tools repository that contains all the tools that I’ve developed to mod the game.

Mix of dumb-luck and knowledge

This is not the first game I’ve reversed but this is the FIRST PC Port that I’ve reversed and let me tell you it’s a really bad port. Spiderman PC games have a bad reputation due to being lazy ports(such as this one) and total garbage because Activision neglected the PC market. Luckily they left a bunch of debug messages in the code but disabled the debug print for whatever reason. This helped me a lot during my initial first-steps with the game because I could easily have a general idea of what I was supposedly looking at.

Will you cover every tool you’ve posted on your repository?

YES! I have so much to say about each one(except texture-repacker, by far the most boring and useless tool I’ve written), that’s why I decided to write this.

Well… That’s all folks stay tuned for future posts ;)


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